Terms & Conditions

2024 Art of Soul! 

Eligibility Requirements:
All artists 18 years and older are eligible to enter. 
Any artist(s) who is awarded Best of Show will be ineligible for the same prize the following year.

Accepted Works:
Each artist must submit original artwork not previously shown in a National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center exhibit.
Reproduction prints will not be accepted except in the case of photography.
All submissions should observe the exhibit themes.
The museum will only accept works that are ready for hanging or installation as suitable for final presentation. Framed two-dimensional works must be glare-free. 
Due to the limitations of the gallery space, a sculpture cannot weigh over 80 pounds. Framed two-dimensional artwork cannot be wider than 5 feet (60 inches) or taller than 8 feet (96 inches). If a hanging work is multiple separate pieces, each piece must abide by the aforementioned limitations. 
Only works that are accepted will be shown. The artist may not submit any other work in its place, so only submit works that will be available for the full duration of the show.

If works are accepted, shipping and delivery instructions will be included in the acceptance letter. Each artist is responsible for meeting the shipping deadline. Anyone not in compliance may be ineligible for submission the following year.
The artist is responsible for the cost of crating, round trip shipping, and insuring accepted artwork during shipping to and from the NAAMCC. Sculptures and other fragile pieces should be delivered in person or shipped with special handling instructions.
It is strongly recommended that shipped works be sent in prepaid wooden crates screwed together suitable for return. All shipped works must be paid for round trip return through the artist’s selected shipper.

Sales and Commissions:
NAAMCC is no longer an agent of sale for the Art of Soul! exhibition. Artists who wish to make their work available for sale may provide a sale price and contact information that will be publicly displayed during the show. Interested buyers will deal directly with the artist for the sale. NAAMCC will receive no commission from the sale. 

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